Webinars and Information exchange remaining

I realise RootsMagic8 is new so viewed the two webinars available and understand that there will be tweaking of the program and upgrades - in light of that I am happy with the additions it offers as opposed to Roots7 - all new programs - no matter the topic takes time to evolve. On the issue of slowness I am on a late model Mac so is working well for me. My question is if I import information from another program eg Ancestry and close later close the Ancestry account will I lose my imported Ancestry information.


Once data is in RM, it will stay there, though any ‘links’ back to, say, Ancestry or Family Search won’t work as you won’t be able to sign in. This isn’t really an issue with Family Search as it is free, so no real need to disconnect yourself from it. Money comes into the equation with Ancestry.

You will not lose any information downloaded through TreeShare from Ancestry to your RM8 program after discontinuing an Ancestry subscription. You do not lose access to Ancestry information either, however, you do not have access to see further records for research unless it is a part of their “free” collections. You can still review hints and, if accepted, some record media may also transfer. Check with your local library as many have a Library addition of Ancestry where you can continue research for free. And of course FamilySearch is also free.

I had read somewhere that data would be lost - Much appreciated.

Thank you - I had been hesitant to download my Gedcom file and was manually transferring data.

Thank you - I have joined the library Ancestry one as they have a full subscription - hopefully will be very useful.

Please be careful here.

I was commenting on data that you had already transferred into RM. If you are talking about whether it is better to transfer by GEDCOM or by Tree Share, I am not an expert on that topic.

All I am aware of is that there are potential issues of data loss if you use GEDCOM to transfer data between any 2 systems. I do not know about the specifics between RM and Ancestry, Hopefully someone with better knowledge will comment.

Yes, downloading through TreeShare is a different process than dowloading a GEDCOM from Ancestry and using that to upload to RootsMagic. A GEDCOM file does not transfer media and documents. RootsMagic’s TreeShare process will.

This RootMagic Webinar is from RM7 but the process is still good for RM8. It explains how to download your tree with media and documentation. RootsMagic TreeShare for Ancestry