New RootsMagic user, switching from Legacy

Any problem with installing my fully paid version Rootsmagic 9.0 on both my desktop and my laptop? Thanks.

Your licence is for a household for up to 5 computers, iirc. Is that the nature of your question?

There are issues if you expect to sync or share a database between the two.

Thanks Tom. Yes that is the question. The laptop is a little more convenient for learning the program sitting on the couch etc. I realize a key learning piece of the software is the ability to switch back and forth between Rootsmagic, Ancestry, and Familysearch. Initially, I will be careful to keep any “'learning” or “practice” database files separate on the laptop and be careful about synching them by mistake etc. Thanks for your help. Pretty sure I will have a number of questions going forward but I’m excited to learn the program.

If I remember correctly, neither the Mac version of RM nor the 64 bit version of the Windows RM supports direct import from Legacy to RM. Assuming you are on Windows, be sure to download and install the 32 bit version of Windows RM because it supports direct import from Legacy. The reason for the 32 bit limitation is that RM is using library routines as a part of the process of importing directly from Legacy. The library that RM is using for this purpose is a 32 bit library.

Sharing your database between your desktop and your laptop is possible and indeed is pretty easy. But there are some gotchas to watch out for. But sure to check into this forum for the gotchas when you are ready to start using the same RM database on both computers.

Great advice. Thank you. I switched from Legacy because I just wasn’t using the program as much as I had been. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of coordinating the databases between RM and Ancestry as well as FamilySearch. I’ve been practicing with some small trees in RM before I download my most complete and up to date tree from Ancestry. I realize there are “gotchas” as you say and I am watching the many RM videos available, and reading as much as possible before I actually jump to avoid the pitfalls! Right now I feel like I have too many options (I even have a subcription to MyHeritage) and I need to streamline and focus the research process and database preservation. One can only to so much! This forum looks like it will be very useful!

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File import to RM9 may be better via Legacy gedcom than download from ancestry. Also realize than at least on mac RM9 is a work in progress with many bugs and odd behaviour. Legacy sounds like a good program although it is based on obsolete coding and MyHeritage will probably not support a modern redo.

Thank you. Right now I use a Windows 10 based system with no plans to change to Mac. I had read about Legacy Coding and interface with MyHeritage a while back (not that I inderstood all of the nuances but realized it was problematic) that’s why I originally got interested in RM. My plan is to explore RM and its interface with Ancestry first, decide if I like it, and ultimately explore FamilySearch. I can always go back to Legacy which is an excellent program but I will leave that “dormant” for now. Most of my Legacy database overlaps with my current Ancestry file. Trying to pull many loose strings together in my retirement years as simpy as possible. :slight_smile: I’ll hang on to MYHeritage for a while longer but ultimately it will go with some overdue cost ($) cutting. Besides, I find I usually bite off more than I can chew when it comes to genealogy.