64 bit &32 bit program

Hello again,another question,I have RM9 on two seperate computers ,one is running 32 bit and the other 64 bit if i download 32 bit program to 64bit computer and visa -versa will they both work for sharing the tree’s

There is no difference in the RM database for the 32 bit version of RM and the 64 bit version of RM, and hence there is no conflict.

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thankyou for the reply,i will try to import my tree from 64bit to 32 bit computer via the backup stick

I assume you are going to put your *.RMTREE file on the memory stick. That part will “just work”. By which I mean there is no import. You just open the *.RMTREE file with 32 bit RM on the 32 bit computer.

But there are larger issue when using RM on two computers. One of them is media files. You will need to copy your media files to the 32 bit omputer. And if your folder/subfolder structure is different on the 32 bit computer, you may need to set RM’s media folder option differently on the two computers. Let’s not get into the gory details of that unless we have to. A typical problem is that you may have a different Windows userid on the two computers. If so, then even if your folder/subfolder structures are otherwise identical, file paths will still differ because the Windows userid is a part of the file path. Fortunately, RM9 includes a neat feature to deal with that problem.

The other larger issue is syncing your *.RMTREE file back and forth. If you make changes on your 32 bit computer, how do you plan to get the changes back to the 64 bit computer? RM has a tool to help.

yes I just tried to import said 64 bit to 32 bit BIG NO NO ,think i will just leave them as they are ,Thanks the jerrybryan for your help

I can’t imagine a difference in the database created by Win x86 (32 bit) and Win64 (64 bit), but I haven’t tested that.

I wouldn’t have expected a difference between the MacOS database and the Win database but there apparently is a subtle indexing difference. It is easily fixed by running Rebuild Indexed tool after moving to the "other " platform.

There is no difference between databases created or opened in Windows 32-bit, 64-bit or macOS. Created in one it can be opened in the other.

Transfer database FILE and not RM Program to either computer would work fine but is not a good idea due to synching / update problems. A 32 bit program will not run on a 64 bit OS and vica versa.

The 64-bit versions of Windows use the Microsoft Windows-32-on-Windows-64 (WOW64) subsystem to run 32-bit programs without modifications.
*On the contrary, with Macs, you need to make sure your apps are 64-bit versions. If your app is a 32-bit version, it will not work.

Has the collation difference between Win and macOS been confirmed by support to be a non-issue?
I haven’t tested it myself. My info was second hand.

A fair quick test would be to take a database with at least several names containing non ASCII characters on one platform.
Do a test integrity to confirm all is good. Move the file to the other os. Test integrity again.
Maybe add another name with non ASCII chars and test integrity a third time

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It is or was unnecessary to add anything non-ASCII to a RM database for the integrity test to fail on it when in the OS other than where it last passed. Thats because there were some built-in records in the SourceTemplateTable that were indexed incompatibly for the destination OS.

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Sorry this is going completely over my head,but i can tell you that the media files on 64 bit laptop will not transfer to 32 bit and probaly the other way round .

How are you transferring the media files? What exactly are you seeing that makes you come to the conclusion that 32-bit and 64-bit make a difference with media? Could you give us some screen shots of the problem?

Really now? I seem to be doing it just fine! Are we talking standard image files and such?

Cannot give you screenshots as such as the media is just little blue squares with a red x at the bottom and yes they are standard image files.it also says could not open image make sure that the images are supported.All the other tree’s open bar this one! I don’t mind having 2 seperate systems to work on

Sounds like you have broken media links. How did you move the media to the other computer?

It’s virtually impossible that 64 bit vs 32 bit has anything to do with the problem. It’s simply that the files are being transferred from one computer to the other that is the problem.

As others have asked, how are you transferring the files? In which folder are you storing your files on the two computers? How are you setting the Settings => Folder Settings => Media Folder setting on the two computers? Is your Windows userid the same or different on the two computers? All of these questions address issues that can cause media files not to show up properly on the second computer. We don’t really need screen shots. Just describe your processes.

download from ancestry

I’ve never used TreeShare but I think those media files downloaded via TreeShare wind up in a folder created in the same directory as your RootsMagic database (or thereabouts) and it is named the same as your Ancestry tree. In that folder are the media files with their original names replaced with numbers as their names. These are intended to be separate from the actual media folders for RM9 and remain kept together (for Treeshare synching). You’ll want to copy the original same folders of media, used for RM’s media file structure on one computer, over to the other machine, instead.

Do I understand correctly that you did not actually move anything between the two computers yourself.? Instead, you simply downloaded from Ancestry on the second computer?