New Beginner still learning the soft ware

Hello everyone
I have just bought Roots Magic 9
I installed it onto my Computer yesterday so I am still playing around learning the basics

I do have a couple of questions I would love someone to help me.

For several years I used another Family software but switch .

I downloaded my Family tree from Ancestry into a GEDCOM file and created it onto Roots Magic 9

Can I just Sync both trees without downloading each time (Is there a simple way)

On RM a red circle comes up on my tree under family names indicating to me a problem alert with my entry
IE Death after burial ect
In details column it gives me several different marriage dates and different places.

what does this all mean please ?

Thank you for reading my message
I am a very old silver surfer but will to learn new things

The red icon is a problem alert. You can learn more about it here - Problem search

With Ancestry you would want to skip the GEDCOM download and do a direct import using Ancestry TreeShare in RM. You can learn more about it here -

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Thank you so much for your reply
I really appreciate it
Again thank you

buy the user manual from amazon to learn the basics of the program.

Thank you for the information
Ive just purchased the book
Again many thanks

Check out the videos on Youtube and RootsMagic Webinars

Thank you for advice.
I bought the book yesterday and should arrive today
Once again many thanks :blush: