Matching between RM and FamilySearch by FSID

This has been requested before, but I would just like to reiterate the need. There is no way to match a person in RM with a person in FamilySearch simply by typing in (or pasting in) an FSID that you already know. You have to go through RM’s search dialog for FamilySearch to get a list of possible matches. And that list of possible matches doesn’t show the FSID’s for the people who are possible matches.

In my experience, I have already been working in FS and I already know the FSID and I have already memorized the FSID. So it would be quite lovely if I could simply right click a person and see an option that says Match with Family Search. This tool shouldn’t even connect to FS at all. It should simply let me type in or paste in the FSID in RM. RM’s existing tools for matching would all still function as they do now.

For that matter, the same right click should offer an Unmatch from FSID option for people who are already matched. So Right Click => Match to FS for people who are not matched and Right click => UnMatch from FS for people who are already matched.

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Confirming request has been reported to development.

Your first paragraph implies that you are unaware of the existing match by FSID option. It involves more than a single right click, but it allows adding a FSFT match to a RM person by using a known FSID. Sorry if I misread your post.

FS Person Tools => Find Matches tab => Search for more matches button => Search by ID radio button.

There were numerous user errors when I was trying to do the match. One of the user errors was that I know about the matching by FSID option and I forgot about it at the time. So the reminder is much appreciated. Another of the user errors was that I couldn’t see any FSID numbers in the list and I failed to notice that they were actually there but off the right end of the screen. I thought the FSID numbers were just missing completely. I could have seen the FSID’s and solved my problem if only I had noticed the scroll bar to move right and left. I think the FSID’s should be the leftmost column where they are highly visible rather than the rightmost column where they are usually invisible…

But I still don’t think I should need to enter the FamilySearch Person Tools dialog at all to do a match if I already know the FSID. Plus, I have the problem for a lot of my people that other users have reported where the FamilySearch icon is almost completely invisible if the person is not yet matched. And if there are no WebHints for the person, it’s like there is no icon at all because of the Family Search icon being so invisible. But Right Click always works.