Assigning a Family Search ID# in RootsMagic

I have a person in RM that is not linked to Family Search. However, I was able to find the person directly from the FS website, and so I now have their ID#.

How do I tell RM to use the ID# that I found for my unlinked person? I can’t seem to find any option for that.


Open the FamilySearch Person Tools by hovering on the person tools icons next to their name and clicking on FamilySearch. On the Find Matches tab click on “Search for more matches”. Click on radio button “Search by ID”. Enter the FamilySearch ID and click Search. Select them from the list of possible matches and click Match.

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RM does not support “assigning” the FSID manually in the sense you are describing. Instead, RM supports matching your RM person to a person in FS. The matching process assigns the FSID.

To match the RM person with the FS person, hover the mouse over the WebHints area for the person. You may or may not have WebHints enabled, but the area is there anyway. It’s in the lower right hand corner of the box for the person in Family View or Pedigree View, and it’s also there in the lower right hand corner of the info panel in the sidebar. You may feel like you are hovering over nothing, but hover anyway. If you find the right place to hover, you will see it say FamilySearch, so click on that.

You may have to logon to FamilySearch. After you get past th logon, you will probably see possible matches between RM and FS. And even if you don’t, you can click to search for possible matches. If and when you see the correct march, you click on the check box to approve the match. And the match having been approved, the FSID will have been assigned to your RM person as desired.

Once you get a person matched in this fashion, there is a really neat feature where you can right click on a person in RM and Jump To the corresponding person on FamilySearch without any further ado such as dealing with WebHints.

Another option is that you can click on the FamilySearch icon at the far bottom of the main icon list at the left side of the screen. When you do so, there is an AutoMatch tool that goes through your entire RM database looking for matches between RM and FS. Any matched people will be assigned the FSID in RM. I’ve personally been reluctant to run the Automatch feature for fear of getting false matches, but if you get any false matches you can just do an unmatch.

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