FamilySearch Person Tool update request

When using the FamilySearch Person tool, if a person is already in RM but not in the person record. (see Spouse).

If I click the Blue Flag, I get

Please add an option “Open Match (with the RootsMagic person)”
also in the “Compare Relations” screen, it is comparing to "<<“Nobody>>”.

The person has to be in the family group you are viewing. You will need to linked the spouse already matched on FamilySearch to the person in RM in order to compare them.

The problem is there is nowhere the PID of the attached person is displayed. When I have 15 Thomas Smiths, it would help to know which one FS is attached too.

Use the info button to the right of their name and copy the FSID. Then in RM go to Search, Person Search-Advanced and click on Find.
Use Filter: FamilySearch ID - contains - xxx-xxxx

Thank you, That did work but it was a long way to go. It would be nice if I could use the FSID in the person list or show the RMID in the info of the FamilySearch Person Tool.

Confirming that has been reported to development.