Cannot discard obsolete matched Family Search IDs

I’ve just migrated from RM7 to RM9, but having trouble with Family Search where the FS ID’s stored in RM are obsolete because they have been merged into a different FS ID.

My previous experience with RM7 was that RM handled this and switched to use the new FSID when I next accessed that (obsolete) person. This does not seem to have happened in at least several cases and I am struggling to get out of this situation. I’ve tried to unmatch and when I go to the Find Matches panel it doesn’t show as matched to anyone and but seems stuck in ‘looking for matches’. (I’ve also tried the ‘reload FS person’ icon on the Share panel but that doesn’t seem to do anything.) However, there is still a FSID attached to the persons name at the top of that panel, and when I revert to the Pedigree view, there is still a FSID icon and FSID value that I can select to go back to FS for that person.

If I access FS for one of their children (William Sandham GL2Z-7PQ), the share screen shows the 2 sets of parents and that my 2 RM people are matched to the wrong (obsolete) FSIDs with the FS side of the panel showing the current FSIDs for his parents.

Any thoughts as how I can get out if this?

Are you on a Mac? The UnMatch button isn’t working there. If you use the remove match option under a family member that will work. If that is not an option you can add a new person and then merge the RM person into them. It will keep the FSID of the primary person in the merge.

This has been reported to development.

Renee, YES, I’m on a Mac. Thanks for the alternative suggestions - I’ll try them tomorrow (UK time).

Renee, Well, that has set me off on an adventure.

I don’t understand what you mean by “If you use the remove match option under a family member that will work.” Which direction of family member, parent or child? The only unmatch option I can find applies to the specific person, not a parent or child in the share data panel.

As to adding a new person and merging, that doesn’t lose the existing FSID unless the new person also has a FSID. In that case the ‘new’ FSID is adopted, but otherwise the FSID of the duplicate being merged is still used.

Even then, if I go into FS and merge my newly added (dummy) person with the old (correct) person, I have to make sure that the old is merged into the new so that, from an RM perspective, the FSID doesn’t change.

It seems that the underlying problem seems to be that the Mac version isn’t handling the case where FS responds with a new FSID when RM tries to use the old (deleted due to merge) FSID. Is that correct?

Understanding that would at least allow me to carefully control my merges in FS, even if it doesn’t really make much sense to merge older entries into newer entries, rather than vice versa.

The Mac version is not updating the FSID when its changed, or UnMatching when the button is clicked.

Under Family Members click on the blue FS icon on the FamilySearch side. It will bring up a window with the remove match option.

When adding a dummy person to RM you can have limited info on them. Just copy the FSID from FamilySearch that you want to link them to. Then under Find Matches, click “Search for more matches”, Search by ID. Enter the FSID for them and then select them in the result to match to. Now you can merge the person with the old FSID into that new person is RM.

Thanks, Renee.

Managed to get both varieties working - depends quite what level in the hierarchy the affected person is as to which technique is usable. Can be very tedious to unravel, though. Looks like I need to be very careful with my FS merges so that the FSID stays the same when possible - or just stop my intensive use of the RM/FS interface until the problem gets fixed.