Moving FHC matches to RM9 records

When I am doing a match with FS several times I have families matched to a record, but the record (RM) is blank, while the FS record shows the names as matched to someone already.
How can I move them to the left without having to unmatch then rematch?

Copy the FSIDs and go to FS to see where the records are matched. Sometimes there are Dups that need to be Merged. FS can be a mess at times (chlldren added multiple times with different spelling in Census, or added without 1 parent as new family due to parent dying).

The FSID is the same. On my pedigree chart the parents are there and married, but the children did not “come over” when the add spouse was empty and it is filled then with the correct spouse and FSID.

OK hard to see your picture to see what you mean. Good luck

if I understand correctly --you need to move the children after you first have moved the parents over (if not already present). Keep in mind due to multiple marriages this can be confusion at times. Generally add associated children last and make sure you add them to correct family/parent set. When a person has a blue FSID icon they are already in your RM tree (or their ID is). This alerts you so you avoid duplicates. So you may need to add the relationship in RM (without the FamSearch screen) if they are already present.

I deleted the mother, then using RM added her back to the spouse and the children then came into the fold. Thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated.

A little hard to describe in this form. It is confusing how to fix and review etc.
Not sure if there is a decent video covering that in that way but it would be useful.

Kevin, your instructions were so spot on, I have another question for you.
Is there a way to in the change place names to get rid of all those : “Connecticut, United States” and the dates are before 1789, so I want to change to “Connecticut, British Colonial America” or some such thing.

Go into Place ( left hand side) enter a new place however you want it and hit okay— then Merge all the version of Connecticut into Connecticut, British Colonial America and you should be good to go–depending on how many versions you have, you may have to do it several times…

You should start a new topic rather than switching the discussion under its topic to something irrelevant to it.

The advice from @nkess is ok if you have no events in Connecticut, United States after the colonial period. If you do, then you will have to edit every event that you wish to change Place.

Unfortunately, RM cannot seach tor events that were in a Place before or after a certain date. It can find people who have an event in a given Place and an event that satisfies a date criterion but not necessarily the same event.


From the Place List used column you can see dates for when events happened. There is an Edit icon at the top to open the Edit Person screen. That would let you see and change those events that need to a different location.