Locations display shown in details of a fact

In Rootsmagic 8, when I look at the “Details” of an added fact that shows the city, county, state location of that fact it reads, for example, United States, Indiana, Elkhart, Elkhart.

In Rootsmagic 7 it always read, for example, Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana, United States.

Why is the location reversed now in Rootsmagic 8? Can it be reversed via some setting?

I know in Rootsmagic 8, Places tab, places you can “Reverse places”, but this does not have any effect on the “Details” location (city, state, country) of a given fact.

Any ideas?

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Go into Places and click on the 3 dots, the first option is reverse places, click on that and it will put the places in the order you want. Ex: Elkart, Elkhart, Indiana. btw - loved your example as I am a fellow hoosier!

Thank you for the reply, but your suggestion does not work.

In my original reply I stated I was aware of your suggestion. Any other ideas?


There is another reverse place names in the Edit Person window that only applies to the edit window. Click on anyone, then click on the three dots, then on Options and you will see it.


Thank you. I unchecked reverse places in a person edit window and it reveres rhe places in every person

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If you put city, state, country of a given fact in the the “Details” field what do you put in the Place field?