Adding the "Country" to Places

Does Rootsmagic add the Country to a Place setup in places, if so how do I set it up so it is added automatically to a new place or it is added to an existing place when it is added to a fact?

For example, I create a new place…Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana…I need the software to add United States to the place created automatically.

In Rootsmagic 7 I set this up but cannot remember now so I can set this up in Rootsmagic 8

You have to add it the first time when you are typing in a new place, then it saves it and it comes up as an option when you are typing in the place again. There may be another way, but that’s what I’ve come across so far.

What I am looking for is “County Check” which tech support is not in Rootsmagic 8.