Automatically adding country based on date!

I would love to see RM add an IF clause to the place record. If the date is before ??/??? the use (This field as Country) else (Use This field). ie. If the date of the fact is before “07/04/1776” use " British Colonial America" else “United States”. Even if it is in the “Clean Place” tool.
Another nice to have would be a "Replace “this” with “that” option.


I really hate when I have to do the work to make sure my data is correct. I think my software should also take care of this for me. I think the software should do all of my genealogy for me!

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The County Check feature is date sensitive but results in multiple Place entries for the same locale. Canada West is not the same RM Place as Ontario despite being the same area before and after July 1, 1867.

Am I missing something?? What “County Check” feature?

I am working with a lot of records from England around 1801. I have to create two places for each location. Like “Oxford, Oxfordshire, England” pre1801 and “Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom” post 1801.

It’s a feature in RM7. I guess it is still not implemented in RM8. It still results in additional place names if the county, province or country varies over time. It just warns you that the name you’ve entered is historically different for the event’s date.

Great idea. I’d like to see the same thing in the major on-line databases as well.

Is the suggestion that the program stores every major political event that changed a boundary, name or whatever for every country in the world including countries that no longer exist or is it that each user can set up a list of “if/else” statements in some part of the program that would be invoked whenever a Place name is entered?