County Check gone from Rootsmagic 8?

Has “County Check” been discontinued in Rootsmagic 8? I cannot find it.
County Check when turned on in Rootsmagic 7 put in the country name such as United States
when creating a new place, also allowed me to update a previous created place by adding the country name when adding a existing location.

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County Check hasn’t been added to RM8 @jlema1979 - there were a few features that didn’t make the first “cut” of the software, with the developers promising that these functions would be added in later editions.
However, I’m not sure if the County Check was one of those features that will be included at a later date. Personally, I hope it does return!

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. I tried County Check, but found its insistence on a very specific place-name convention to be annoying. I abbreviate the 50 US states, and USA, as well as some other global locations. I include County, Parish, and Township designations (which CC omits).
. As a longtime RM user, I install the Place Finder program that came with RM3, and make lots of use of the GNIS (Domestic Names) to clarify place spellings and other info.
. The GNIS is currently under re-design, and isn’t particularly useful.

Bruce advised when writing about features missing on release version:

  • CountyCheck (needs to be modified to support running on Mac)

I too use the Place Finder from RM3 to check for spellings, county, etc. I continue to use abbreviations when entering places. If one spells everything out, the pedigree chart is lacking in valuable place information because there is limited space for the place.