Place checking customisation?

First post! I have RM9. I’ve not found any features which are worse than RM8 and I’ve just about got used to the differences to RM7 & predecessors!

However, there is one feature common to RM8 & 9 which is driving me bonkers, and that is its insistence on telling me that I need to add ‘United Kingdom’ to all of my ‘England’ addresses. As 99% of my addresses are in England, this is unnecessary verbiage to me and I prefer not to have it. However, every ******* time I add an address, I get asked if I want to add @United Kingdom’. It’s really getting me down!

Is there a way to stop this, preferably without disabling large chunks of the place database?

Allied with this is its insistence that “West Riding of Yorkshire” is not a county. It may not technically be a county, but even Wikipedia says that the ridings functioned as counties and I’d rather have that as it’s rather more useful to me.

You can disable CountyCheck which will stop this behaviour completely. It is in Settings → Program Settings → untick the ‘Use CountyCheck when entering places’

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Thanks. I will have to do that - although the check can be useful at times.

You can still do the check manually when there is a need by clicking on the Gazetteer icon in the Edit Person screen. The Gazetteer icon is invisible until you highlight a Place field, and it remains hiding in plain sight even then. After you highlight a Place field, two very small icons appear at the far right end of the Place field. Of those two icons, the one on the left is for Gazetteer.

If you want to globally remove United Kingdom you can do so using data clean - Placeclean, add or remove country.

Thanks. That’s useful to know.

“If you want to globally remove United Kingdom you can do so using data clean - Placeclean, add or remove country.”

I don’t really want to do that - it seems to be an inherent part of the structure, but thanks.

It boils down to ‘turn it off and not be bothered’ or ‘leave it on and click through it every time you add a new place’.

Indeed. I’ve switched it off & will see how I get on.