Places....and the details...and the address

Hello, I am new here in this community and new also very new to the RootsMagic software.
Is there anyway to enter or attach an address in the place details? I love the fact you can enter coordinates to places but
I like to put the addresses to cemeteries, Churches where marriages/ Baptisms/ funerals occured, family businesses and also the homes my ancestors lived at, some well over 100 years ago. Many are still around with the same address around here.
I have found the “addresses” section in the software but cannot figure out how to use it or attach it to/ in the places details.
Thank you.

When you add a fact to any person, populate the Place and Place details fields with the required addresses and they will be shown in the Places list.

There does not seem to be any way to have addresses added to the Addresses list appear in the Places list.

I use Addresses for my To-Do and Research logs. For example, I have entered the name and contact details of the church that holds the baptismal certificates I need. The address is then attached to the Task folder. I record family addresses using the Residence fact.

One note @Paul_R – IF you use Ancestry to keep a copy of your file then when you add an address to a fact, put place and place field in PLACE such as
100 Westward Drive London , England — Ancestry does NOT use PLACE FIELDS so it will NOT show up there if separated…

When I use Ancestry Tree share to transfer place information, both the Place Detail and Place transfer to and then display on my Ancestry tree. I prefer to keep Place Details separate from standard place names.

Wonder what the difference is as they were NOT showing on mine which is why I changed my info under place fields to under place- BUT that was a while back-- will check it out again