Desire for another level of locations

Just wondering if I’m alone in my thinking on Places and place details. I understand that there are all sorts of ways to overcome this but I am wondering if anybody else thinks that this maybe a worthy suggestion to make to the RootsMagic team.
Currently I am working on “Places” and getting them all uniform, putting things like Hospitals, venues, addresses and cemeteries into “Place Details”. What I’m thinking would be nice is if there could be another level of “Place Details” added as an user option. This would be used below the “Place Details” to pinpoint the actual plot of land, perhaps we could call it “Site” for now.
I’m thinking that this would be used primarily for Cemeteries, where the actual grave is located.
I know that we can move the details around right now to accommodate everything but in doing so we end up adding cemeteries to places, giving several places in the one town and numerous place details for both.
This feature wouldn’t be needed for anything else that I can think of and I know that it wouldn’t be supported in Gedcoms, other programs or online sites, but I feel that it would be nice to keep everything organized.

Place: City, County, State, Country
Place Details: Cemetery Name, address
Site: Area, Row, Plot
with the ability to Geo-code everything

I don’t know if my vision of using this is practical for the programmers, I hope that I’ve explained my thoughts clearly, I hope I have.