Converting a place to a detail in aplace

Way back when I first started entering genealogy information with Family Tree Maker and then perhaps when I switched to early versions of Rootsmagic there was no support for place details other than to create a place for each of the various detailed locations within the place, at least not that I was aware of. So for example I have a place named
St. Elizabeth, Miller, Missouri, United States*” as well as a place named
"St. Lawrence Cemetery, St. Elizabeth, Miller Co, Missouri, USA*. I have over 350 people showing their burial in the cemetery place and I’m wondering if there is a method of moving them en masse to the place detail I subsequently created of St. Lawrence Cemetery of the St. Elizabeth place.

Any ideas?

webinar has instructions at about 17 minutes in RootsMagic Webinars

Go to Places, select your place, go to Menu and pick Split Place

Make a Backup first just in case

Thank you! Works very well.