List of persons without a source

RM 9 allows a source to be attached to a person (as well as a fact) and I use this to record the source which informed me that the person exists (typically, a child’s birth or marriage record).
I would like to obtain a list of all individuals to which I have not yet allocated a person source.
Is this possible?
I know I can list facts without sources, so I suppose I could define a new fact (or use an existing fact such as reference number) and assign the source to this, rather than to the person, but would prefer to use the standard feature of RM.

Apologies if I misunderstood your question, but I just added a source to a person and then I went to Search > Person Search - Advanced and did a find for “Source (General)” does not exist. The list showed me everyone without a general source applied to the person.

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you likley would want to check if FACT exist & if Source NOT exist for each fact (one at a time) I would be a group for this – you can add additional criteria – but in your case the 3rd item leave blank
You can do one for birth, one for death etc… Name the group “Births Missing Source” or similar that has meaning to you

You can use this filter to find people with no sources.

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I think there is a problem with the search. In my database, I have no sources for Source (family) in my database. The Boolean logic is AND logic, so I get no hits when I run the search, Even without the search for Source (family), I think the AND logic is going to omit a lot of people from the search I may want to see because they have to be missing a Source (general) AND a fact source to get a hit.

I think what’s needed is something like the following. The Boolean logic has to be OR.

    Source (general) => Does Not Exist
OR  Source (family) => Does Not Exist
OR  Any Fact => Source => Does Not Exist

Thanks, that is exactly the answer I was hoping for.
I was looking at the reports, rather than the search which (I now discover) allows for very comprehensive search criteria,
Still on a learning cover.