"Link" a source to several persons

Hi everyone!
How would you document a source/citation if it’s related to different persons.
For example https://data.matricula-online.eu/de/oesterreich/st-poelten/arbesbach/02%252C3-01/?pg=158.
The top entry shows the marriage of Georgius AINFALT and Catharina GRÖPLINGERIN. But it also shows the name of his mother (Elisabetha) and her father (Philippi GRÖPLINGER) and also her mother (Elisabetha).
How would you deal with this in RM9? Share the marriage fact? Or add the source to the other persons? Or something different?
Manfred (Austria)

I’ve tried to do a little research on this topic in the last couple of days. There are several threads here that discuss it. Because RM is using a custom fact for the shared event what you do depends on your needs.

If you are just entering your data into RM and not exporting it to ancestry, familysearch or some other programs you are fine to use shared facts. My understanding is that a shared fact won’t share properly to ancestry.com or familysearch. There are some programs that can read the shared facts (like FH).

After looking at the issues and that I use RM to share data to several sites, I decided that after entering all the source citation information and attaching the media and weblinks, then I click to copy the source citation and paste it to the other individuals after writing their facts. It takes an extra 30 seconds, but each has their own independent fact for reports, exporting, etc. I would like to see RM develop the ability to copy and paste facts with the attached sources in the same way that some other programs allow.


I think it would be more accurate to say:

RM uses a custom extension to share a fact or event…

“Custom fact” more commonly means a user-defined fact.

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Those are pretty much the only two options. There is no secret option #3.

Continuing on with this theme is there anyway to attach media to a citation?

Yes. There are actually two different ways. You go to the citation and attach media to it. Or you can go to media and attach it to a citation. In the case of starting with the citation and attaching media, you can go to a citation under the main Sources tab and attach the media from there or you can go to a citation from the Edit Person screen and attach the media from there. Generally speaking, such attachments are called media tags.

For example, you could do the following from the Edit Person screen for a citation that’s already there. You can do the same sort of thing as you are creating the citation in the first place, but it’s a little easier to describe for a citation that’s already there.

  • Highlight the person or a fact.
  • Under Fact Items and Sources in the right hand panel will be the number of citations. Since citations are already there, the number will be greater than zero. Click on that number.
  • Things will slide and you will see one or more citations listed in the new right hand panel. Click on the citation for which you want to add a media file.
  • Things will slide again and you will see the number of existing media files beside Media under Citation Detail text, media etc. in the new right hand panel. The number will probably be zero if you have not yet added any media files to this citation. Click on that zero or whatever number it is.
  • Things will slide again. If there are any media files already there, you can see them. In any case, click on the + sign towards the top of the new right hand panel to add a new media file to the citation.
  • This time a new pop-up window will appear instead of things sliding again. There are now three options as far as adding the new media media file to the citation. Those three options reflect the fact that the media file might or might not already be linked into your RM database and be tagged somewhere else than this current citation. The Add option assumes the media file is not already linked into RM and allows you to navigate to the media file so it can be tagged to the citation. You initiate the navigation by clicking on the little folder icon that’s stuck out on the far right end of the line that says Filename. The Drop option assumes the media file is not already linked into RM and allows you to drag the media file from Windows or Mac into this citation. The Select Existing option assumes that the media file is already linked into RM somewhere else and allows a new media tag to be added to this citation for that media file.

At this point, we really need pictures or a video rather words to see the remaining steps and I don’t know which of the three options you will be using. But see if you can figure out the remaining steps for yourself if you get this far.

After you get the media tagged to the citation, you normally would have to unslide three times to get back where you were. There will be a left arrow unslide icon at the top of the right panel. Or you can just highlight a different fact and doing so will do all the unsliding for you.

Do be aware that I have totally left out the details of how to do it in the other direction - to start with the media instead of starting with the citation. But I suspect that most users most of the time will be starting with the citation.

Thank you Jerry your reply was most helpful and very much appreciated.

Dear Jerry,

I’ve now found out that there are actually 4 ways to “link” a source to diferent persons:
1 - create a fact and share it. but as Matthew wrote that may cause some issues
2 - create a source citation and share this by clicking at “citation used”
3 - create a source citation and “memorize” it (icon on the upper right corner) then paste this at a different person
3a - use “reuse citation” at pasting - this seems to have the same effect as #2
3b - use “paste copy” then you’ll duplicate the citation into a new one. If you change one of them this has no effect to the other - probably not the thing you want.

I will therefore use #2 or #3a.
Thank you for helping me.