Problem sharing the marriage fact

I want to share a marriage fact with the 2 principles so that a marriage fact shows up in each timeline. I would like either no note at all, in the timeline portion or a completely different note from the one in the marriage section. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I get the note duplicated in the timeline portion or if I erase it from the shared marriage RM erases the note from the marriage. I tried sharing marriage fact as spouses, and a different time I used husband and wife. But neither got me what I wanted. I think I’m getting a little dense in my old age. “The Jerry Brian” can you please explain how to get the result I want and you got in your “Descendants of Alva Edward Peters and Sally Jane Cole” report, which you shared on the old forum. I am working with RM 7, cleaning up my database and hope to change over to RM 8 after the cleanup. Thank you all so very much for all the information you have imparted over the years.

My sample report is still available at Sample RM Report with Point Form Sentences I use point form sentences, so you might have to adapt my sentences to your personal sentence style.

My sentence for the Principal role is a follows Remember that for a Family Fact (better known as a Couple Fact), the Principal is not an individual but rather is the couple as a whole.

<b>Marriage:</b>< [Date:Plain]><<, [PlaceDetails]><, [Place:Plain]>>, [Person:full],< age [Person:Age:plain]> to [Spouse:full]< age [Spouse:Age:plain]>

My sentence for the Individual_Marriage role which is shared with each of the spouses is as follows.

<b>Marriage:</b> <[Date:Plain],><< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place:Plain],>>< age [ThisPerson:Age:plain],> to <%[Wife:full]|[Husband:full]>.

It may or may not be obvious from the way the templates appear on this forum, but each one of them starts with a carriage return so that each fact starts on a new line. You can get a carriage return into the template simply be using the PC’s Enter key. This might be an example from my template that you would not wish to incorporate into your own template. The sample report not only starts each fact on a new line but also has a blank line between reports. This effect was achieved by a double carriage return in the front of each template, but I have since gone to a single carriage return in the front of each template as a paper savings matter.

I have long been troubled by the fact that I had to use a gender switch in the sentence for the Individual_Marriage role to pick up the name of the other spouse. Surely there must be a better way to pick up the name of the other spouse, and I’m not sure how my template would work with a same sex marriage.

I have long been troubled by the fact that there seems to be no way to pick up the spouse’s age for use in the sentence. If anybody has figured out how to do so, please let me know.

When I share the Marriage fact using the Individual_Marriage role, I leave the note for the role empty and I don’t get the note for the main marriage fact duplicated into the Individual_Marriage role in reports.

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Thank you for the explanation. With your help it is now working well you need it. I am using your point form sentences for my reports thank you for everything.