TreeShare spouses marriage matching sources

Having a heck of a time merging marriage sources.
Usually I will delete the sources all the sources on the person edit page.
Match all Dates, Places, Descriptions, to be exact with Ancestry and RootsMagic.
Ancestry only link source to correct fact.
Usually this works to get the facts and sources to merge correctly.
Then link the Ancestry Source to RM person.
I have done this at least 15 times with this couple.
And its not working.
I will get one persons fact matched with source, then match the spouse fact and source,
Then the other spouse source comes unmatched.
They are exact fact and source.
I have done all the file Tools, closed and re Treeshare and restarted RM in various diff ways to no avail.

Ancestry doesn’t have the concept of family sources. One spouse will always have the pink icon.

Its a identical source.
I don’t see why “concept of family sources” matters.
Its a shared source just like census’s and most of the other sources.
And it that is the case all shared sources should be doing the same.
Ancestry does have shared family facts for marriage and divorce.
All their sources are per person.
Oh well. It is what it is. I’ll have to ignore the pink difference.

My understanding is that Ancestry treats Marriage as two individual events, one for each spouse, with one citation of the common source for each. And that’s what is trsnsmitted to RM via the API. RM then tries to combine the two individual events into a single family-type Marriage event with one citation of the common source. For TreeShare transmission in the opposite direction, RM has to reverse or deconstruct the family-type Marriage event into two individual-type events, each with a citation.

So this translation complexity carries some risks. Early on with TreeShare, I was startled to find individual-type Marriage events popping up in RM from TreeShare. Not a standard fact-type but a custom one created as a result of TreeShare, maybe residue from a fractured download before combining was completed.