Source Duplication in Ancestry Connected Tree

Due to other obligations and computer problems, I’d mostly set aside my family research around the time RM8 was released. When I could, I did sporadic work in my account online until I could replace my computer. Just last week, I installed RM7 and RM8 on my new computer to work on figuring out where I’d left off with using these programs. It seems I’d gotten as far as importing and converting my RM7 tree into RM8. I quickly got reacquainted with RM8 and set about importing the changes I’d made in my Ancestry tree in the interim.

However, I then started to experience an issue with already existing fact sources getting duplicated. Instead of just importing the new source for a fact/event, all of the sources for the fact/event are added to RootsMagic.

Then RM9 was announced so I decided to skip RM8 and just go straight to RM9. I converted the same tree I’d been working with to RM9. The issue with sources from Ancestry being duplicated in RootsMagic 9 persists.

Any idea why this is happening and how to prevent it?

I’m still looking for an answer to this question. I’m hoping someone can give me an idea of what’s going on.

I believe that there are several scenarios that can create this issue you’re describing.

This is from a previous post on fb from Rene “The way to prevent so much duplication in TreeShare is to select all the items you want to include in RM before clicking on Accept Changes. Then it will create only one master source no matter how often used for that person.” See also here.

I am not active on ancestry right now but as I recall I get duplicate sources and associated media if I add a new source to an existing fact in Ancestry and then use treeshare to import that new source to rm. It could be user problem causing that. Others have cited the differences in the way that ancestry and RM treat marriage as a cause of some duplication.

For what it’s worth, I check the existing fact after each treeshare. I usually find that I want to add additional details to the source and/or citation anyway, so going to look at the fact is just a part of my workflow. I also edit the source name so that I know it’s been updated. That makes it very easy to identify and delete duplicate sources right away.