TreeShare mysteries from RM8.2 ‘Merge all duplicate citations’

Mysteries from version 8.1.8 seem to persist although maybe not as many. They are still quite confusing and I’ll attempt to add more detail over the next few days.

  • the behaviour when an Ancestry Source Citation is ‘paste reused’ and updated to Ancestry (has improved). TreeShare Compare reports a match and, indeed, on the Ancestry side it is an Ancestry Source. However, it is a duplicate of the Ancestry Source for that same person from which it was copied. The original is linked to the original events; the duplicate is linked to the new event.

  • more merged Ancestry Source citations match with Ancestry than before (I think). Why do some not?

  • I thought it might be due to false merging so I developed a SQL script as a “citation differentiator” to append the media filename and WebTag URL to the CitationName before merging. That did have a positive effect but there still remain many that no longer match after merging. No pattern jumps out at me.

  • My conversion from RM8 to RM7 still works with a database imported via TreeShare under 8.2 but I’ve noticed that accented characters are not replicating through the copy so that can cause a mismatch in RM7 TreeShare Compare. E.g., “Cité” becomes “Cité”. I don’t know if that was happening before and it would be of no consequence if there was no need to convert. Is there something subtle like this that is causing the mismatch in RM8 for some merged citations?


I’m not finding rhyme nor reason for Ancestry Record Citation mismatches in TreeShare Compare after “Merging all duplicate citations”. Some “1900 US Federal Census” citations do not match but some do! And many of these mismatches in RM8 are cleared up through my procedure to convert the RM8 database file to RM7. It’s the same data! Here’s an example but there’s nothing I see in them to suggest they are representative.

  1. RM8 TreeShare Compare after fresh TreeShare download to new database, application of my ‘Citation Differentiator’ to mitigate false duplicates which would give rise to mismatches, and then ‘Merge all duplicate citations’:

  2. RM7 TreeShare Compare of same person after conversion from the merged RM8 database to RM7:

If RM7 can match Ancestry via its TreeShare using the same data that RM8 TreeShare says is different from Ancestry after merging but matched before merging and, in some cases still matches, then RM8 TreeShare is inconsistent and unreliable with reused Citations.

If one is a user of TreeShare for aligning an Ancestry Tree and a RM database, then it seems advisable to avoid using ‘Copy-Paste Reuse’ and ‘Merge all duplicate citations’ until RM8 achieves consistent and reliable TreeShare Compare.


My mysteries are simpler. The mac bug preventing uploading a tree to ancestry if media is included has been improved. upload stalls at 15% after several popups and restarts. then the program is locked up but continues to open treeshare and login popups and has to be force quit. On ancestry a new tree with no people is difficult to delete. Oh and along the way in this circus there is an access violation crash with repeated report this popups.

How can a 3 month hiatus not result in solving AV crashes unless the windows port to mac is just unworkable?

Have you submitted your backup with media to support so we can test uploading it?

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