Multimedia List shows multiple sources

I use Tree Share to sync my media between RM and ancestory and I use the multimedia list often to help organise it but since moving to RM8 from an RM7 backup it seems to be corrupting the sources and showing more than it should.

As an example
In the report, I have this (actual 4 times the same)

“Cite: 1870 United States Federal Census, General Register Office; United Kingdom; Volume: 9c; Page: 1124”,Filename: 4263684_00653.jpg

The first part is correct 1870 census but the “General Register Office” isn’t correct that is in addition and does not appear anywhere else in the report
In sources

Citation there are 4 this is an example

person Entry

I suspect there is some corruption in the database but I’m struggling to track it down and there doesn’t appear to be a pattern to it.
All I can think of is that treeshare is adding records or the wrong pointers

Has anyone else experienced this or know a way I can narrow the issue down

If I understand your scenario correctly, your situation is as follows. You worked in Ancestry to add media to people there. You used TreeShare in RM7 do download the media. And finally, you imported your RM7 database to RM8. If that’s the correct scenario, it will have the practical effect of duplicating your citations in reports in RM8.

RM7 will recognize that citations are the same when running reports based on their footnote sentences being identical. Such citations will be deduplicated in reports if you use the appropriate report options. You are probably already doing so.

RM8 does not recognize that citations are identical when running reports based on their footnote sentences being identical. Rather, RM8 recognizes that citations are identical when running reports if the citations are Reused citations. Identical citations do not come into RM8 via TreeShare as Reused. Instead, you need to run the Merge Duplicate Citations process under the Sources tab to convert duplicate citations into Reused citations. You are working with citations, but the media tagged to the citations come along for the ride.

But there is a problem with RM8’s Merge Duplicate Citations process. There are some Ancestry collections where the citations that come into RM8 via TreeShare are identical except for the images being different. RM8’s Merge Duplicate Citations process does not take the difference in the images into account. The result is that citations can sometimes become merged that really shouldn’t become merged.

My experience is that Ancestry’s citations for United States Federal Census do not have these problems. United States Federal Census is the example that you gave. I obviously have no idea if your database also contains Ancestry citations from other collections that do have the problem I’m describing.

For a variety of reasons, I prefer to enter my Ancestry citations and Ancestry media into RM manually rather than by using TreeShare. But many or most RM users probably prefer the convenience of using TreeShare. I’m not aware of any comments from RM acknowledging this situation as a problem nor suggesting that the problem will be fixed at some point.

I’m not really sure about the extra information you are talking about where “General Register Office” that wasn’t there in RM7 seems to added in RM8. If you are importing from RM7 into RM8, nothing should be able to come into RM8 that’s not already there in RM7. If you are using TreeShare from RM8, then I’m not sure what the difference would be between RM7 and RM8 about the “General Register Office” information.


Originally the database came from RM7 but this happens with any new downloads from Ancestory so it looks like an issue with treasure

The citations from ancestory recently are missing a lot of info but I’m nor sure if that’s treasure or ancestory so I’m having to manually update them which is a large task

The examp,e I gave here is unique as the person is not uk but a us entry so the general registry office entry which is uk is not even valid and should never be at the same time as the census

I suspect the media report is broken or its highlighting some dodgy database links

many people wisely choose direct addition of media and data to their master database and then may upload from that to the web. Only slightly more work and no confusing cleanup afterwards.