Considering starting fresh tree for RM9

I have a large tree in RM8 and Ancestry. I’ve had various issues over the years that I said I would deal with one day. Well, in my upload to RM9 I was fine until I used the option to merge all duplicate sources and citations. It merged them but changed alot of facts that were correct for BDM and FAG and now they are way off. What are your suggestions for starting fresh with out having to re type my whole tree and fix the sources and citations at the same time?

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First, do you have a backup? or are you able to download a fresh tree from ancestry?

The problem seem to be more with citations than the sources generally. The de-duplication for citations does not take into account the media attached nor the links. Ancestry for many sources I found did not put enough data into the citation fields to distinguish one from another. I did the same thing but luckily had a backup so I spent a good solid month clickin on each citation and making sure it had data and if not copying from ancestry into those fields.


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As you have the tree in RM either leaving it alone or working on it is imo the better course of action

RM has great error checking and database tools.

If you have not already done so then running the Problem List tool will probably give you a very long list of issues.

It is the first thing I do after I have imported a tree from Ancestry, I then work up the Tools running , duplicates, data clean, and tree count.

Then run the database tools

You should then have a good robust tree ready for checking the entry of each person

My suggestion is to follow Mathew’s advice and restore from a backup or re-download your tree from You really don’t want to lose the connection between your citations and linked media/tags in your current tree. The only real way I have found to correct the citation issue is to edit the citation names and detail to make sure the names are unique so the citation merge does not incorrectly merge the linked media and tags. And that takes much work but you will save the links to your media and tags. If you merge all citations with identical citation names and associated media, your associated media will be merged such that you won’t know which media item belongs to which person/event.

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