Question about notes and TreeShare to Ancestry

Hi all. Am I doing something obvious wrong here?

Any Fact in RM can, it seems, have appended to it (a) notes (b) sources (c) media and (d) tasks. However, when I run TreeShare to Ancestry my notes never seem to transfer across.

I used to write narrative booklets on various aspects of my family tree (for family consumption only) which I would now like to include in the RM database. I created a new Fact Type called “Narrative Text” which I have made a “Family” type fact normally assigned to the husband (i.e. it is shared between husband and wife, like the Marriage Fact). All my booklets were written this way (i.e. based around marriages) and it seems sensible to keep it this way as I can simply copy and paste booklet text into RM. This new Fact does not require a date, place or source and the narrative text itself is appended as a Note. Although the Fact is uploaded to Ancestry through TreeShare, and the Note is one of those items one can apparently include in the upload, I can’t find it (meaning I can find the Fact OK, but not the appended Note) when viewing my tree from within Ancestry.

Have I missed a step or is this one of the things in RM/Ancestry that’s “not allowed”?

The only Note that seems to be picked up and transferred to Ancestry is one appended to an individual person (i.e. not a Fact). I don’t want to paste my text there as the text is written in a style that applies to the couple, not the individual.

Thanks! :smiley:

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Have you looked in Other Sources on the Atree?

That it is a custom Family-type fact may be an issue. Atree does not have an equivalent and between RM and A it has to split into an Individual fact for each person on upload and somehow recombined in the opposite direction.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply.

You’re right… I’ve hunted around a bit more and clicking on the Fact itself in Ancestry reveals no note… but clicking on the box the little bendy “string” links to that fact… does! I suspect I may have confused myself over the issue. However…

So far I’ve only tried this with two couples - I didn’t want to get too deep into it before discovering something didn’t work. It appears to have included the (shared) note for each pair of one couple… but only the husband in the other. (Not sure if this is an Ancestry issue or a “me” issue). I’ll experiment a bit more with some more couples.

(My TreeShare only goes one way - from RM to Ancestry - which is my decision. I want to keep RM as the “sacred repository of the data” and the upload to Ancestry is just so that I can invite other family members to view the tree. Anything useful I happen to find on Ancestry I add manually to RM.)

I’m taking the view that it’s not perfect but it may… “do” :smiley:

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RM notes that are moved to Other Sources in Ancestry will lose their blank lines. Well, what they will actually lose is their carriage returns. The problem is on the Ancestry side of the house and cannot be fixed by the RM developers.

Thanks Jerry. Yes I noticed all the text had run together. You’d’ve thought something simple like a carriage return would be easily dealt with (by Ancestry) but … hey ho.

I see that RM’s own website hosting (MyRootsMagic) deals with notes a lot better (naturally, I suppose) but it seems to have a strange way of displaying media (the images are very small).

I guess between the two of them it… er… works.