Annoying Changes in Ancestry Treeshare

I only ever transfer information from RM8 to Ancestry and although Treeshare seems to be working well overall, there is one issue that is causing increased frustration.
Whenever I am prompted to make a genuine update to a person, whether it be to update an existing event or to add a new event, I am often also prompted to update other events for that person where it tells me that a note has changed by 2 or 3 characters, yet I know for certain that I haven’t touched the original note in RM8.
Is there a reason why this is happening or is it something I just have to live with?

It’s possible for notes never to match exactly between RM and Ancestry. When you update a person from RM to Ancestry, RM will remove the person from the changed list even though the note doesn’t really match. But if you go look at the person again in TreeShare even though the person is not on the changed list, you will see that the note doesn’t match. Then, if something like a fact or date or place changes which causes the person to go back on the changed list, you will also see the note not matching.

The thing that’s most likely not to match is a carriage returns in an RM note. Ancestry doesn’t support the carriage returns in the interface that it makes available to software such as RM. Ancestry simply deletes the carriage return on the Ancestry side of the house without warning.

Aside from this problem making TreeShare annoying to use as you describe, this also means that notes with carriage returns that are sent from RM to Ancestry and then back down to RM don’t look the same after the round trip.

Thanks for your explanation. I have also noticed that Ancestry seems to delete spaces between sentences. I only use Treeshare to facilitate hints, so I don’t really care if the notes don’t match exactly. I guess I can save a few seconds by ignoring future prompts.

It has always been like that in treeshare (even in RM7) and it works both ways (to & from RM8). There are other annoying but minor glitches but, personally, I can live with them (such as Ancestry duplicating sources although no changes have been made). Not a treesearch problem per se but it still annoys me that Ancestry classifies census records as ‘residence’ when the census fact exists on a profile and duplicates Christening facts as as baptism. To be honest I now ignore the duplication and, in some ways I suppose, value can be added by media files being attached that were not originally available (does anyone else still have the LDS 1881 census on 25 Cds? :joy::joy::joy:. That was progress!).