Ahnentafel with sources

Is there any way to generate a list of ancestors with sources in RM8 (or RM7)? I’m trying to identify ancestors with unsupported B/M/D events in a simple list, ideally in a concise format that I can parse into a checklist using external software. (Pedigree charts have this info but are more difficult to parse.)

Would it be more accurate to say your list should be those people having a particular fact type which is unsupported by evidence (citations)? Or lacking a particular fact type (the Fact Type List report comes to mind). For the first, I think the Mark those selected from a list function for Named Groups has criteria to find such events and could be reliable provided there is only one such event (a person with a primary Birth event that has citations will get marked if they also have a secondary unsourced event because the latter satisfies the criterion).

I was thinking more of the first case than the second but I suppose it could be either. My concern was how to limit this report to my ancestors.