How to get FSID into Edit Person screen

In People View, I see a place to put FSID in a column. I have a few that I would like to add, but can’t seem to figure how to do it. I just want to add a person’s FSID to the person page.

If you’re seeing FSIDs, you have enabled Settings>General Settings>Number to display>FSID

That display function is “mirroring” the FSIDs from FamilySearch “matches” and those FSIDs only change via FamilySearch iteractions. If your aim is to not utilize the “matching” feature… you can add a REFERENCE NO fact and utilize that to enter FSID’s for recordation and reference. Additionally, you can design your own Fact Type for the same or similar purpose.

The key thing is that you can’t actually add an FSID to a person in RM. What you do instead is to match a person in RM to a person in FS. As a part of establishing the match, RM itself adds the FSID to the person in RM for you.

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Hi @JohnRF - I’m wondering if your query might be related to the same problem I’m seeing.

In RM7, I was able to see the FSID across the top of the edit person screen. This was despite the fact that I’d not set any numbers to display via the settings. These FSID numbers would display once I’d match the person with Family Search. The FSID numbers only displayed in the Edit Person screen, they did not display elsewhere (which I was happy with as I find them a bit distracting on the pedigree and family view etc).

I’m not able to replicate this behaviour in RM8.

Does anyone have any ideas to get the FSID in the edit person screen (but not elsewhere)?





Settings>General Settings>Number To Display

Thanks @MadDog but when I try that the FSID is displayed in the Edit Person screen AND the family / pedigree views.

In RM7 I was able to view the FSID (after matching) without having this number display throughout the family / pedigree views (refer screen shots below).

Not sure if I might be missing additional settings, or perhaps a specific combination of settings, that enables the FSID to display only on the Edit Person screen (so the view is the same as RM7).



Thanks everyone for replying. I am just starting to use RM8 and find it very different than RM7. I just want to keep the FSID in my people’s data, not display it. I guess I’ll just make a custom fact.