Where can I find the FamilySearch ID for an individual in RM8?

I’ve just downloaded RM8 and I have a VERY basic question. In RM7 when you were in the edit person screen the FS ID was displayed next to the individual’s name. I can’t readily see it in RM8. Can someone please help me find it?

On the Settings tab, across the top are icons. 3rd one in is the setting, there you can choose whether you want the FSID, the RIN, a REFN or no (None) to show.

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Actually in RM7 you only saw the FSID if you chose to do so - exactly the same in RM8. I choose the RIN as described by @alainemk

Yes, this is what I did as well, to show the FS ID. One caveat, though… I printed a fan chart, and it showed all of the FS ID’s next to people’s names in the fan. Next time I will turn that off before printing a report, if I don’t want it showing.

You can also see the FS ID by hovering over the 4 circles at the end of a person’s box in the pedigree view:
Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 11.34.26 AM