Display RM record number on the Familsearch Person tool

On the FamilySearch Person Tool, The FamilySearch ID is shown in the header bar but the RM ID is not shown anywhere. Please add the RM ID to the header bar.

Why? Other than facilitating your personal workflow, what is in it for the rest of the user base? In other words, why should development take time away to focus on this one request over the thousands of other feature requests that they have had over the years.

If you are going to ask for something, then you should be able to lay out a reasonable argument as to why it would be beneficial to a significant number of users, especially those that may not follow the same steps as you do.

I can offer several reasons in support of this request.

  • If RM’s option to display RIN numbers is enabled, there are lots of places in RM where the RIN number is displayed with a person. RM should be consistent in honoring this option in all places in RM where a person is displayed. It’s almost like the absence of the RIN number on this particular screen is more of a bug that needs to be fixed than it is a reason for an enhancement request.
  • After you exit RM’s Family Search Person tool, you might want to navigate quickly to that person. Sometimes it’s easier to navigate to a person by RIN number than by their name.
  • Often there will be several people in your database with the same name, and the RIN number can be an important way to distinguish between the people with the same name.

Great, now lets see if @dcslatter can do the same.

However in regards to your three reasons, personally, I see none of them as a valid reason in regards to my workflow, so how are your reasons going to be beneficial enough to enough people to justify the work to make it happen?

Bullet one - Limited screen real estate. You can’t have everything on first glance. you end up with a jumbled message and god knows, RM’s user interface s already a bloody trainwresk.

Bullet two - How does it make it easier? Did you suddenly forget which Henry Smith you were just working on?

Bullet three - Has absolutely nothing to do with the original request as your are no longer in the FS tool. You also already have the ability to distinguish between which Henry Smith you might need.

So, is this a much more needed item than say…multiple photos in a narrative report or anyone of the hundreds of other ‘requests’? In my world, it is a cosmetic thing which should never trump real functionality.

Surely the RM ID is shown at the top of the screen where it is paired with the FS ID

I can see that it might be more symmetrical if it was also in the place that you have marked, but it is there.

Bullet One:

Bullet Two:
Henry Smith is not a problem, I only have two.
Jame Smith is, I have 16 of them.

Bullet Three:

I am still in the FS tool.

Thank you for your insightful comments.

Thank you Alan:

I never saw that at the top of the page. I am a retired Application Designer of 40 years. It is not where I would have put it but it does answer my issue.

Your reply is appreciated.

Why should be assumed because it does fit into your work flow that other users may not benefit from? – that is the point to ask the question and open discussion both for and against.

I fully support this request. I think Jerry’s three points are very well made and I can certainly relate to every one of them.
Moreover, I would have thought that it would be very simple, if not trivial, from a programming point of view to append this field (which is readily available) to the displayed name.

If you are referring to “Gee, look at all the space”. The reason it is not displayed there and is at the top is because its visible on every tab that way. It’s also very similar to the location on the Edit Person screen.

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