Handy little tool that no longer exists in RM9

One of the better little tools frequently used in RM7 that no longer exists in RM9, is the ability of the user to identify a linked record number RIN from the side of the screen in the Familysearch view by simply drifting the mouse pointer over the blue icon. This instantly identifies the link in RM saving time in searching. Can we have this feature returned to RM9 please?

Confirming request has been reported to development.

For the sake of clatrity, this feature on RM7 was obviously coded into RM7 and its previous incarnations, and has been physically removed during development of RM9. In other words, the bit of code which allowed the RIN to appear upon drifting the mouse over the blue Family search icon is also valuable as a check tool to ensure there are no duplicate “shares”. Moreover, the code will still be available to the developer obviating the need to rewrite again.

The issue is not as simple as that. We are using different programming tools which changes the support of hover at that level.

Thanks Renee, I am aware that it is not as simple as that. I am involved in database programming and re-jigging an already stable feature of your database can be problematic. However, this is not a new feature, but one already known to the team. Lets hope they agree and incorporate the amendment.