Transferring data from FamilySearch to RootsMagic 9

My most recent experience with RootsMagic was RM7. I have 8 but other than moving my data there, I haven’t used it.

I am thinking about using RM9 to capture what I have discovered on FamilySearch. Has that process still the same in RM9 as in RM7? Any improvements?

Not necessarily a mass capture of information - like 'all the ancestors and children of x person… I’m doing descendency research, and would like to capture person by person.

Appreciate any information. Thank you,

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The FamilySearch Person Tools are the same between RM7-RM9. There hasn’t been any new features added to it.

You can transfer share data between RM (7-9) but be aware that you must transfer data and source information separately (from different tabs). Also, you won’t get images on each citation unless someone has attached them to the person which I find is rare in FamilySearch.