RM9 upload to Family Search

Very new to RM9, paid version, I have used treeshare to bring my tree in from ancestry. I know want to link to family search. I’ve entered my family search credentials but not sure what to do next.
Looking at my tree in family search via a browser there’s only myself and my father in my tree, however under recent people it shows a few of my family members?
Could someone please explain the process of exporting out of RM to family search?

FamilySearch Person Tools - RootsMagic Wiki

Thank you, so it’s one at a time only?

The AutoMatch might find a chunk Find Matches on FamilySearch - RootsMagic Wiki.

But basically, Yes. Family Tree does not want creation of a boatload of duplicates Copy a GEDCOM file into Family Tree • FamilySearch

Thank you
That’s really helpful

Keep in mind that Ancestry and FamilySearch Trees work on very different rules. With your tree on Ancestry, it is mostly a reflection of your tree in RootsMagic you control via RM Treeshare. FamilySearch is one tree for all who participate to that one tree. You and others can add and/or update individuals in the same tree.

Yes, thank you I’d spotted the potential downside.
Thanks again for your help