FamilySearch and Ancestry Connecting

Hey all,

So I download the free version of RootsMagic to give it a go. While it seems like it is pretty robust and powerful, there is one question I have.

I can connect a record to my tree in FamilySearch, and from that tree I can transfer data and sources into my RootsMagic database. However, is there a way to condense that process into one step - so that after accepting a hint in RootsMagic, it automatically adds the indexed information into RootsMagic?

The question about is similar. While I am unable to test the full functionality of it due to only having the free version, it seems it is similar in that you can accept hints. If you accept a hint in RootsMagic, would it automatically add the source and indexed info to the database?

I like what I have seen of RootsMagic so far, apart from the fact that it seems too difficult to easily and automatically add sources and the information from it into my database. Thanks in advance for any help!

FamilySearch has a hinting API and FT API. This makes needing to jump through hoops to get a hint into RM. You have to accept the hint on the website and add the info to the FamilySearch person. Then open the FamilySearch Person Tools to add the fact and sources in RM. Ancestry is separate too, but at least you can add the hint without having to open TreeShare. Through you need to open TreeShare to add the hint to your Ancestry tree. Changes would need to be made directly to these APIs we need to work with.

Awesome, that would work for me. I don’t really want a separate Ancestry tree to be synced with my RM tree so it would be easy for adding Ancestry hints. I guess it’s just FamilySearch that’s painful then.

Thanks for your answer!