Can you merge info from the trees and together in RootsMagic9?

Can you merge info from the trees and together in RootsMagic9, either by importing from those sites and using GEDCOM files.

I’m very new to using this, my first genealogy software.


Yes, but the order sort of depends on your circumstances.

If you have tree on Ancestry, the best way would be to sync down the tree to RM. Then you can click on the Familysearch button and select Automatch which will attempt to match your people with the people on Familysearch.

If done this way, then you can send and receive data from/to Ancestry and Familysearch.

You can download a tree from Familysearch and download a separate tree from ancestry and try to merge them but that will be a lot more work. If you download just a gedcom from Ancestry your not going to get the media.


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Thank you! I have to turn off 2FA (2 factor authentication) to allow RootsMagic to sync, right? I tried yesterday, but couldn’t log in.

If you have 2fa turned on, I believe each time you restart RM, you’ll need to append the code to the end of your password. Be sure to remove any blank spaces if copying and pasting from an email.

On a side note, while I normally like to turn 2fa on for all my accounts online, I found this annoying so now I just use a very long and complex password that i save in my password manager…

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