Access Hints from People List

When adding new people to my RootsMagic database the first thing I do is collect record sources from Ancestry and/or FamilySearch. Often I start in the people list and sort descending by record number so the newest additions are first. Unfortunately if I go to Edit there is no option to view hints, and I can’t go directly to hints from people list, so that means I go to People List, switch to Family View, then go to Hints to find record sources.

I would like to request that this hints option be available on People List:

I work first on Ancestry and then via Treeshare to RM. I tend to add a group of families (descendants of a single person) in one go to minimise treeshare hassle.

Then some of my first actions on RM are to check for errors and hints from FMP or MyHeritage and to match to FamilySearch to find any new information there.

In RM7, I typically use the descendant view to check out all the newly added people, but in RM9 I seriously miss the hints, and more particularly the error and the matched to FS icons. I have seen discussion about these having been removed for performance reasons, but RM7’s descendant view shows the same number of people and performs well.

Adding these icons to the people list would work just as well for me, although I can imagine that the performance issues would have to be managed much more carefully, for example only retreiving the data for the people visible on the screen. And this would make filtering, sorting and scrolling much harder/slower than now.

I would have thought, however, that the error and matched to FS flags could be added to both the people list and descendant view much more easily than the hints icon.

I’m exactly opposite. My master has always been offline. I used a Mac based program called Reunion to input paper my mother gathered, then used Family Tree Maker via CDs in concert with my sister for years after that. I created a tree on Ancestry when CDs stopped and that was the only option. MyHeritage for a time had better data so I signed up for that and used Family Tree Builder on both Mac and Windows. Throughout I refreshed my Reunion database from the other sources because its reporting was the best. MyHeritage abandoned its Mac version for maybe 5 years during the time RootsMagic came forward and offered a special, and shortly afterward Ancestry announced it was letting loose FTM which I was also using on Mac and Windows, and RM announced Ancestry support. This allowed me to have one tree which talked to both MyHeritage and Ancestry, and had most of the reporting capability I used in Reunion. RootsMagic is my master db now, and I export to other programs like Family Tree Builder, MacFamilyTree, Heredis, and of course Reunion when needed. Since I’m working on some large “revisited” projects I’ll often import the submitted GEDCOM into Reunion and clean it up there before importing into RM because their UI is cleaner and faster. Overall I feel RM excels at the data management and integration I need, but flunks miserably in comparison to other programs in terms of user interface.

You certainly have a long software migration pathway! Don’t you have data transfer problems between programs via gedcom especially with Reunion? Also have you tried FTM 2019 (updated in 2022)? Mackiev really improved the mess they got from Ancestry in 2015.

The People List View cannot support WebHints. WebHints are generated for everyone on the view and the People List would just take to many resources. The Descendants View is not currently supported. It has something to do with the new format with collapsible lists. If the WebHint was generated before moving to the Descendants View or People List View you will see them in the Info Box at the top of the sidebar.

Actually I don’t really need the webhints gathered, I simply need a quick way to get to the webhint form from the people list. Today you provide a “Jump to” for both Ancestry and Family Search so you obviously have the data collected to access those services, I just want a way to go to the RM form for data sharing instead of the web site page.

Does the same technical restriction (on adding Webhints to the descendant view) apply to the error and matched-to-FamilySearch icons? I miss them very badly - more than the web hints.