Report of data in RootsMagic and FamilySearch?

Is there a report where I can get the data of a person and also the data of this person which is available in FamilySearch?
I want to find out the differences and where something is missing - either RM or FamilySearch.

RootsMagic Treeshare [intended to say FamilySearch interface} will show you the differences between your database and FamilySearch. Here is a video on how to use it.

You also might be able to download a tree from FamilySearch to a new RM database and then use the File-Tools-Compare feature of RootsMagic to compare the downloaded file to your own RM file.


TreeShare is for Ancestry. not for FamilySearch. However, a similar technique can be used for FamilySearch. Namely, match your RM person to FamilySearch. Then, click on the FamilySearch icon that is associated with the person. A screen will appear with side by side panels that look very similar to RM’s Edit Person screen. The left panel shows the information in RM and the right panel shows the information at FamilySearch.

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Thank you both!
I’ve already figured out that TreeShare is not for FamilySearch, but I find the hint to create a new database, fill it with FamilySearch and do a compare very helpful!

But it seems that there is no report for that and you have to click through all the persons.

I would like to get a report and to just have to scroll through it. Anybody who would support this as a feature request?

If you download a new tree from FamilySearch, the closest you can come to doing a compare is, well, to do a File => Tools => Compare. You can be in your main tree and to a File => Tools => Compare against the tree which is newly downloaded from FamilySearch, or you can do the vice versa.

You will need to try it to see how effective it is for you. Some users report great success with File => Tools => Compare, and other users not so much. For the most part, I’m in the “not so much” category.

I’m looking for something that functions more or less like file comparison utilities that compare two different version of the same file and tells me what and where the differences are. But my sense is that the File => Tools => Compare tool is operating almost like RM’s Duplicate Search tool except that it is searching across two files. When the Compare tool was initially introduced into RM, the first thing I did was to make a second copy of my database and ran the Compare tool against the two copies. I expected the tool to report no differences. But it reported a lot of differences.

The differences were of the nature that I had two people in my database with similar names and birth dates, and the tool was alerting me that John Doe born in 1849 in one database might be the same person as John Doe born in 1850 in the other database. This was even though both databases has two John Does, one born in 1849 and one born in 1850. So try File => Tools => Compare and see if there is any benefit.

It’s not a report, and wont show you the missing, but will show you the ones with differences.
Check out the filter to the left of the shared data tab screen when you have a linked person open in the shared data tab?
You’ll get to the same place by clicking on the FamilySearch icon at the bottom of your sidebar and selecting View for those in your tree that have changed.