Printing REF nuber on a person report

Hi, you may have answered this before, but i cannot find any information.
I want to run a report with all of my people and their assigned REF number.
Something like this:

Thomas Flynn - 579
Elizabeth Covavan - 570
Marth Abbs - 20

It could be alphabetical by surname or by REF number (the rootsmajic number)

Thank you

First, a cautionary note on terminology. RM has a record number for each person, sometimes called the Record ID number or RIN. You can’t control these numbers and they really don’t mean anything. But they are extremely useful for being able to recognize situations where you might have entered the same person more than once. Sometimes the only way to tell the difference between two people is via the RIN number.

Reference Number is a fact/event in RM and it is not assigned automatically. You can assign it or not assign it, and if you assign it you can give it any value you wish. And if you assign it, the number can mean anything you wish it to mean.

Therefore, if what you want to see is the RM number, then it’s the RIN number.

The easiest way to get the report you want is probably to run the Individual List report (not the Individual Summary report). In the Individual List report, turn off all the options for including things like parents and spouses and all you will be left with for each person will be their name and their RIN number. That should be what you want, and the format will be very much like your Thomas Flynn and Elizabeth Covavan example.

There is an RM setting called Settings => General Settings => Number to Display. If the option is set to None, there are few if any places in RM where you will be able to see the RIN number. In particular, you won’t see it in the Individual List report. If the option is set to RIN, then you will be able to see it in lots of places in RM including in the Individual List report. So be sure to set Settings => General Settings => Number to Display to RIN if it’s not already set that way.

Custom Reports would let you add the Name and REFN fact. Sort can be on any column. You can also add the Reference No column to the People List view by Customizing it. Then sort on the column by clicking on the column header.