Adding in a numbering system?

I thought I heard Bruce Buzbee mention in one of the RM8 webinars that there was a way to add one’s own numbering system in to a database? (I don’t remember which webinar or I would rewatch it!) Usually when I do research for someone and print out their reports, I manually write in a numbering system (home person is #1, his father is #2, mother #3, each person’s father is double their number and their mother is double their number +1), so that any additional material I print out (newspaper articles, copies of letters, &C) can be numbered to correspond to the people in the report. I am finishing up a research project for someone and am ready to print it out, but thought I’d see if there was a way to put the numbering in the database so it prints up in the report? Thanks!

Sounds like an Ahnentafel (Ancestor List). Check Publish>All Reports and Charts.

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He likely was referring to adding the Reference Number fact type known as Ref No …to individuals… because one can go to Settings->Number to display and select REFN (acronym for Ref No) to be displayed after Names as listed on program screens and reports. Also usable for marking via color coding or groups and as a sorting mechanism amongst other uses.

I agree with kbens0n. In General Settings, there is an option “Number to Display”. Clicking on that line, a drop down menu list on the type number to display after names – REFN being one of them --, or none at all. I use RIN, record input number. I have used this number in many ways, including my file names of supporting documents.

This is what I do also JoyCan, I think it works well!

Thank you, everyone! This all makes sense!

It was the Ahnentafel I was talking about; just experimented and it works beautifully! I will print that out along with the pedigree/notes, and then I can number the additional clippings and charts accordingly. Thank you!

That was it! Thank you, it works perfectly!

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Thank you, I am working with my own version of a numbering system. It does appear on the pedigree page and the individual edit page. How do I change the number in the Index view? Is this possible?

I’m not sure that you can show your reference number in the Index View @Roots_Digger. It would certainly be handy to have this option!
However, we can show the system generated record number (by using the 3 dots menu alongside the Index tab and select “show record number”).

Thank you for responding so quickly. You are my first contact through Community. Seeing this on RM8, I thought it was same as Facebook. This is a great addition. As a non computer savvy person, I am learning a lot from Community, webinars and Wiki.
Happy tree climbing and roots digging,

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