Fact or Person Sentence with URL at end

Is there a way to auto create a hyperlink at end of sentence (based on RIN #)
Such as “http://mysite.org/getperson.php?pid=[RIN]” Not sure if the RIN field is part of sentences.

Basically I want to create a link to by website for each person without having create a fact


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There is no field or variable in the sentence template language for RIN.

What you might do is to set the default sentence for a Fact Type to include the hyperlink with your unsupported variable “[RIN]” and then use SQLite to customise every instance of that Fact Type, replacing “[RIN]” with the OwnerID from the same table.

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You can add WebTag to a person, which doesn’t require a fact. Otherwise if you add a URL to a note it will create a hyperlink. You would need to supply the correct URL.