Display both RIN & FS ID

In RM7 the edit person screen displays both the RIN and Family Search ID when selected in options.

In RM8 you can only have one or the other. I want both.

You can get both in RM8, but only on the People List, and you may have to customise the table to show both in separate columns.

Thanks Ronbu.
But that’s no help when you are working in the Family screen.
This is a RM7 feature that is missing.

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I just want to bring this up again. I use Family Search heavily and need to see that I am viewing the correct person. When viewing the person’s profile in RM8 the FS ID is not visible so I am not sure if the person I am viewing in Family Search is the same person.
I cannot see how this function would be difficult to program. Especially as it has already been done in RM7.

Hello Joso,
I can’t find where you can set the option to display both numbers in RM7.
I find the only alternative to display:
Record number (RIN)
Reference number (REFN)
Family Search ID

but not both

In RM7 when you have the RIN/REFN displayed after the name in settings the only way you see the FamilySearch ID appended to it is on the Edit Person screen and inside the FamilySearch Person Tools (FSPT) when you highlight a person in the list. In RM8 you will still see both numbers on the FSPT screen. The Edit Person screen is not showing them and that has been reported to development.

Hi Cornelius. Yes, you are correct.
In File Options, I have under General, RIN selected and LDS Support ticked with ‘Show LDS status on family view’ ticked.
Also in “Family Search” section I have ticked "Enable FamilySearch support, entered my sign in, and ticked the two other boxes.

I am not an LDS follower, but I find I get better results when matching with Family Search.