Find People with "No Group", in each person's Groups Fact

I have a set of groups that I generated in RM7, but that quarry seems to no longer exist.
I need to find people that have NO allocated Group

I don’t know where your groups went in RM7. Are talking about actually in RM7, or are you talking about groups in RM7 coming over into RM8? What happened before your groups disappeared?

In any case, there is no way in RM to search for group membership or non-membership. You can search for color coding, but not for group membership or non-membership.

What I’m trying to do is, check that all people are in a group. This is in RM8. I had previously set these groups up in RM7, where I could use a Search quarry. IE Born contains “England” or Death contains "England.

You can still run a search that says Birth => Place => Contains => england OR Death => Place => Contains => england in RM8. Such a search does not involve groups unless you are using the search to create a group.

Click on the main Search tab on the left side of the screen. There will be four icons in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The second icon from the left is called Person Search (Advanced). Click on that icon to get a screen that looks like the search screen you are used to using in RM7.

There is a difference between RM7 and RM8 in the way the search results are presented. RM7 finds your people one person at a time and you can use Next to see each one in turn. RM8 finds all the people at the beginning and you can see all of them on the same screen.

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Thanks Very much, that’s just what I wanted, works a treat.

Thanks Glenn

sometimes it’s just knowing where to find it.!!!

I do have to ask: do you prefer the RM7 way of finding one person at a time with Next, or do you prefer the RM8 way of finding all the people at the beginning and you can see them all on the same screen?

When you present the question the way I just posed it, I’m sure that in the abstract most or maybe even nearly all RM users would say that they prefer the RM8 way of presenting the search results. And I have heard the RM developers say several different times that the way RM8 presents search results is their favorite new feature in RM8.

And yet I find that in practice rather than in theory that the way RM8 presents search results is one of the very worst new features in RM8. If I really do want to see all the people from a search all on the same screen in RM7, I can do so and it’s called making a group. But in practice I find that mostly what I want to do is to use a search to find a series of people one at a time and to do some processing on each person in turn. I find it much easier and quicker and less clicky in every way when I do it RM7 style. It’s not just a matter of getting used to RM8. It really is that I find the RM8 way of doing it to be much harder and slower and clickier than the RM7 way.

Plus, there appears to be some sort of serious performance glitch in RM8’s search. Even using very simple search criteria, I find that searches that are essentially instantaneous to get to the first person on RM7 require 60 to 90 seconds on RM8.

If I make a group instead in RM7, the same search as a part of making the group will usually take five or ten seconds, and the same search as a part of making a group in RM8 will actually be a little faster than in RM7. So I considered just abandoning the “searching without making a group” concept in RM8 and just always making a group instead.

However, the situation for a group is that applying a group filter in RM7’s sidebar or People View is essentially instantaneous and applying the same group filter in RM8’s sidebar or People List view gets me back into a 30 to 45 second delay that’s similar to the search without making the group. So there is something very wrong going on performance wise in RM8 when it is building the screen to display search results or group filters. I have a robust computer with plenty of memory and a fast SDD disk so it’s not just that I have a slow machine.

The bottom line on search speed is that I know that RM8 can go through the entire database fairly quickly to find people matching a criteria, and really it’s a little faster than RM7. RM8’s performance glitch is after the actual searching is done and while building the results screen.