Viewing a list of the persons in a group?

I’m in the middle of cleaning up and expanding an extended family and putting them all in a group so I can create a GEDCOM for export to a website. But everything I can find about groups in RM8 is only about managing the groups themselves – renaming groups, etc. – and adding or deleting people from the group via the person list – which in this case runs to several thousand names, and this family incoudes a number of surnames, so they aren’t all in one section of the list, either.

In RM7, I could open a group and have an alphabetical list of all persons in that group, and also easily see how large the group was going to be. Is there no way to do that in RM8? Short of having to create a report?

People view>People list>Drop Down to select Group


There are two ways to see a list of all the people in a group in RM8.

One way is to go to the Index tab in the left sidebar and to filter the Index tab by group. In RM7, the left side bar had an Index tab that couldn’t be filtered by group and also a Groups tab that was always filtered by a group. These two tabs have been combined in RM8. This is a case where I think the RM8 way of doing it is a nice improvement over the RM7 way of doing it.

The other way is to go to People View in the main People tab and then to filter the People View by group. This is identical to the same feature that was available in RM7.

Yes, the “Show” dropdown is what I needed. Thanks to both of you! (I guess I missed it when I was hunting through the wiki.)

Thank you to both of you that helped me too.

This was helpful to me - thank you!