Creating a GEDCOM from a group in RM9

Okay, I’m attempting to create my first GEDCOM file in RM9, and there’s a puzzle. In RM8, there was a drop-down partway into the process where you could either select “Everyone” (for the whole dataset) or you could pick one of your groups – which is what I always did, because when I was putting together a large family group for uploading to WikiTree or some other website, I did it with a selective group. But in RM9, at that point in the creation process, there IS NO OPTION. Just “everyone,” and that’s it. Am I missing something here? I haven’t seen anything about GEDCOM creation having changed with the new version.


I see groups in the “Everyone” drop down list. Are you sure that you have groups defined in the RM9 file you are trying to export from?

When I get to that point, there is NO drop-down list. Just the word “Everyone,” with no other options offered. I’m attaching an image (I hope) of what I see:

The little head-&-shoulders icon off to the right is just an image, not a link. Not clickable and I don’t know why it’s there.

The particular group is question was begun in RM8; maybe 120 people at the time I converted to RM9. But RM9 appears to have converted the groups along with everything else (as I would expect), and I added another dozen people to that group in RM9 before I was ready to make a GEDCOM out of it.

Ind the “Index” column on the left of the People screen, it gives me “Show Everyone” at the top and then a drop-down of the dozen or so groups I was using in RM8. And I can open those groups and edit them, etc. I mean, the “group” in RM, like any index, is just a pointer system to the persons you mark to be in it. If RM9 converted the person, then that’s all tat should matter.

EDIT: I just closed RM9, opened RM8, and tried the GEDCOM creation process there. It shows the groups in a drop-down, just as it always did.

Then I closed RM8 and reopened RM9 – and BEHOLD! There is now a drop-down showing the groups. So thanks for the help, guys, and I guess this has fixed itself. But I take it as a symptom of some other problem.

Are you on MacOS or Windows? I get the down pointer in the listbox next to the person icon on Windows. Have you run the Files > Tools > Database Integrity check?

Did you actually click on Everyone to see if there was a Dropdown? Even in the absence of groups, there will be some other options. As does Tom, I see the down arrow at the right end of Everyone on my screen, indicating a dropdown menu is available. I don’t see that down arrow in your screenshot. I can’t picture anything that could prevent that down arrow from appearing.

As I noted in the follow-up, closing RM and restarting it (which I should have thought to do, but didn’t) apparently caused it to heal itself, and the drop-down appeared as it was supposed to. However, the fact that this happened in the first place suggests a latent bug, so I hope the coders are monitoring these postings.

I’ve seen cases where sections like this disappear. One is when the database is inside of OneDrive. The other is when resources are low on the computer. Graphics are being limited but if you click in that area they are still there.

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