Trying to create a list of those persons in Groups in RM8

I used Groups in RM7 - when I clicked on the Groups I would get the option to look at each of the Groups, via a pull-down list, and the list of all those in that group would appear.
Since converting to RM8. I click on the Groups Icon and there are my groups with one of them checked. If I change the check to another group and leave - when I go back the same group is always checked. I can do nothing with the list of Groups. No way to view who is actually listed in any single group that I can find. I can Edit a group which of course just brings up the entire of list of persons in my database.
If I go to the Edit page for someone that I know is in one of the Groups, the Group does show for that person - after that the default group checked in the Index section, left hand bottom corner does change to the group containing the person I viewed last. But of course I still find no way to get a list of just the people in a given group.
What am I missing?

Go to People List under People View, Click on drop-down of Show Everyone and select the Group you want to work with.

Alternatively, in the Index panel click on the Show Everyone drop-down and select the Group of interest to see only that group in the Index.

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See the wiki on working with Groups here: RM8 Wiki Groups Be sure to also use the hyperlinks for additional information “The Groups View on People page side view” and “The Groups view in the Edit Person form”.

Thanks! So easy when you know where to look…

You already have your answer so I will not repeat it entirely.

The reason you were having trouble in RM8 is because of a minor reorganization of the left side panel between RM7 and RM8.

In RM7, you had the Index tab that would show you a list all the people in your database. Also, you had the Groups tab that would let you define your groups and that would show you a list of the people in any group.

In RM8, you have the Index tab that will show you a list all the people in your database and that will show you a list of the people in any group. Also, you have the Groups tab that will allow you to define your groups and that will not show you a list of people in any groups.

The difference is that the feature to list all the people in a group has moved from the Groups tab in RM7 to the Index tab in RM8. But the exact same feature is still there.

There is another way to see the people in a group which is the same between RM7 and RM8. Namely, there is a main view which is called the People view in RM7 and which is called the People List view in RM8. But it’s exactly the same view between RM7 and RM8 even though the name of the view is slightly changed. This view defaults to showing everybody on your database, but it can be filtered by a group. The filtering process is identical between RM7 and RM8. You simply click the box where it says Show Everyone and select your group instead.

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