Family View - Display Issue

This is a strange problem because it does not happen every time. The boxes do not line line up on the right hand side in my first screenshot. When I shifted to an entirely different family and then came back the boxes were aligned - as per the second screenshot. Not a major issue but puzzling all the same.

Yes, I’ve found that too @Terry but haven’t been able to find a “pattern” to when this occurs to help development. Like you, I find the visual does right itself if I leave the screen and return. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to know that its happening to others. Yes, difficult to recreate. I wondered if it was the number of children in the Left Hand boxes or the number of known (or unknown) spouses in the Right Hand boxes but nothing seemed to be consistent. I can live with it!

I have seen the problem. It has become less common as time has gone by. It is never been reproducible and I can make it go away by changing views, so I have never reported it.

I now see the same problem of longer boxes that are not even with the other boxes. Moving to another family and going back to the same family does not seem to fix it.
Version on Windows