Error in Fact Notes

I was typing in a long obituary in the notes of a death fact. I finished the first paragraph when RM10 locked up. Had to end the program through Task Manager. Of course, when I reopened the program, the note was totally blank, so I started over. Not willing to lose it again, I saved after each sentence was typed in. My process for saving is to click on the fact. Then, I opened the note and typed the next sentence…

One time, instead of clicking on the fact, I clicked on the note icon in the note column. Immediately, everything I typed in since the last save was erased.

I believe someone said this on another thread but I’d like to be able to type Ctrl-S to save my work or at least Ctrl-O like we used to be able to do back in RM7. There are many keyboard shortcuts that are missing from the most recent iterations of RM that I’d love to get back. There are just too many mouse clicks required and, once my hands are on the keyboard, I’d like to keep them there as long as I can. This switching back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse every few seconds is for the birds.

Maybe type everything into Notepad and then Copy it into RM Notes.

Good suggestion! I’ll try it next time.

I type into Notepad a lot, but I also still type directly into RM’s note editor sometimes. I don’t have a hard and fast rule about which way I do it. But for really short stuff, I usually just type directly into RM’s note editor and for longer stuff I usually type into Notepad and copy and paste.

But that’s just for stuff I’m composing as I go. For stuff I’m transcribing from a document, I always use Notepad and never type directly into RM’s note editor. I will adjust the document I’m transposing from to be full screen and I will adjust the Notepad screen to be less than full screen and to be on top. I arrange the Notepad screen so I can see the part of the Notepad screen where I’m typing and the part of the document from which I’m composing both on the screen at the same time.

I transcribe much more often than I compose, and I compose long much more often than I compose short. So I’m really typing into Notepad most of the time.