Typing in Notes Freezes RM9

I type an obit in the note section, I can add media, but as soon as I try to type another obit in Notes RM freezes up and I have to close using task manager. I am using RM on a computer with Windows 11. I have reported this before, but is still an issue as of today. I have the latest update for RM9. I have not tried typing in another program and pasting, I should not have to. This only happens after I use spellcheck.

I’m getting the same thing. RM 9.0.04, Win 10

If I open a person edit, click on notes for that person, (notes already exists for this person), click on open notes in a new window, I find this:

  1. Running spell check right way without entering any text works fine. I can spell check first, then enter text, save and come back no problem.

  2. If I enter any text (actually add text to what is already there), then click on spell check, Spell check seems to work fine. I then cancel spell check, hit enter on the note screen, and RM is locked up. Cannot save, cannot cancel, I can move the mouse cursor around and click on other areas of RM or in the task bar, but nothing happens. Have to kill it with Task Manager.

Seem that entering text, before doing spell check is causing something to lockup.

I need step 2 clarified. Are you still in the new window while doing this? What are you hitting enter on?

Yes, I am still in the new window, After canceling out of the spell check, I use the mouse to click in the new note window to make sure its active, then hit the enter key on the keyboard, thats when I notice RM locks up.

Prior to ending the RM task, I created a dump file with Windows Task Manager, if anyone at RM would be interested in looking at that.

Open a support ticket Attn: Renee with the dump file and steps. I will pass it onto development.


I have the new note window open but cannot do anything, have to use task manager to close RM9

Ticket opened. But could not attach dump file. See ticket notes.

In RM 9.0.7 using Windows 11 with 32GB ram, I am experiencing this same problem when I am typing in notes with spell checker. I’ve filed a support ticket on this issue.

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