Freezing when working with notes in 9.0.2

I have downloaded the update BUT Ithe programme has just frozen up on me again when editing a note. RM 9.02x64 Windows 10.

Same for me. Highlighted note, right clicked and selected spell check and RM froze.
Version 9.0.2, Windows 11.

Going to have you both try a restart of the computer. Then open RM and see if it happens again.

I restarted my computer as you directed and all went well for 10 minutes before the program froze again. This time I was editing a research note in a citation.
Version 9.02 x 64 Windows 10.
I will await your reply

Send in a support ticket with all the steps and details on the computer being used.

I’ve done this after experiencing 2 further instances of freezing in RM9.0.2

Restarted computer, no problems so far when editing notes.